30 Oct 2015


Assalamualaikum / hi to readers and bloggers of course.

Long time i haven't write something since i'm too busy working on my own grass. anddd sooo,
hari ni, macam nak share something.

lately ni aku asyik nak marah je. marah lain macam. nak memaki je. stress overload kot. I need a vacation !
please lah weh. aku nak muntah hadap kerja hadap number hadap file bertimbun. it's really like to jump off a building !

we all have days where we get really reallly reallllllllyyyyy pissed off by something or someone of course lah kan.  and desperately need to vent it out. and sometimes we take it out on an unfortunate 'someone' who just happen to be at wrong place, at the wrong time. but i tell u seriously, just bcause we are having a bad day doesnt mean that we area entitled to treat people like shittt. melainkan people give you a shit, u can pay back ! alang-alang tu bagi kaw2.

and here are some reasons why and note to myself

first kita ingat , whatever problems we have, it's not caused by the person in front of us. our friends and especially our family are the ones who care the most about us, and just bcause they choose to stand by our side and support us doesnt mean that they deserve all the shittts we are going to put them through. *control our mood and breathe deeply*

yeah, i know it's hard to be all smiles n polite when nothing seems to be going well. tapi kena ingat juga yang semua orang ada bad days. and u are not the only one who gets to be in a bad mood. aku kuat moody. perhaps im a little too stressed

jangan expect people to understand us. our problems are our problems. they come and go.
problems are usually as insignificant . if u do not like to be bothered with the insignificant issues of others, chances are they dont really give a shit about yours too. and last, before you and i start blaming them, remember that the fact that they are listening to your problems, start appreciating them.

elak diri kita jangan terjebak isu yang remeh temeh. stay focused on commitment, and whenever u start to drift apart, revert urself back.
and ignore people who ignored you. keep calm and breathe deeply

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