20 Nov 2013


Engkaulah segalanya bagi ku,
Engkaulah hidupku,
Engkaulah darahku,
Engkaulah duniawi dan syurgawi bagiku,
Engkaulah Ruh yang menghidupkan aku dari mati, dan 
Engkaulah milikku yang abadi,
Engkaulah semua dan segalanya, dan
tanpaMu, aku hidup keseorangan dan kesengsaraan kini
dan detik-detik pilu saat hadapan.

because You're my all and my soul

17 Nov 2013


i think you should know this
i might not know the best way to say it
but let me try to tell yah

i fear 
i fear sharks
i fear of the sea, the very deep sea
so deep until i couldn't breathe

i fear about loving
i fear about losing
fear about thinking that maybe believing that maybe what your beliefs before could be unreal
before realising that maybe they were real

fear of living 
fear of dying

Dear God of light and dark
tell me which door i should take?
should it the right or the left

i could finding a possibility of a possible me without fear
yes !

Blowing In The Wind Pink And Green Flower